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  1. The Members in Annual General Assembly shall each year appoint a financial controller (audit committee) of not less than two members, who may not be members of the Board of Directors. This committee shall examine the accounts prepared by the Board and shall report its findings to the Members in Annual General Assembly.
    If requested the Full members can ask that the annual financial statements has to be audited by an expert as referred to in Section 2:393(1) of the Netherlands Civil Code (a Dutch registered accountant (Registeraccountant) or an Accounting Consultant).
  2. If the audit of the accounts requires specialist accounting knowledge, the audit committee may avail itself of the services of an expert, which has to be approved by the Annual General Assembly.
  3. The Board of Directors has the duty to furnish the committee with all the information it requests, if necessary to show it the cash in hand and securities and to allow it to inspect the Association's books and documents.

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