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  1. The Board of Directors, composed of full members, shall direct the Association.
  2. The Board shall consist of not less than five and not more than nine members and shall comprise a chairman (president), one ore two vice-chairmen (vice presidents), one treasurer and one secretary.
  3. Candidates will be accepted for their election, after their nomination has been received by the head office.
  4. Three weeks prior to the Annual General Assembly (together with the agenda) the names of the candidates will be disclosed to the members.
  5. Directors and the chairman shall be elected by the full members in Annual General Assembly.
  6. Out of the Board of Directors the chairman (president) will be elected by members out of the category full members during the Annual General Assembly.
  7. The Directors shall decide their responsibilities among themselves at the first meeting after they have been appointed to the Board.
  8. Directors shall be elected for a period of two years and may be re-elected. Anyone appointed to fill a temporary vacancy shall assume the position on the retirement schedule of the person retiring.
  9. The term of the chairmanship is a two years time and the chairman may be re-elected on expiry of this period for another two year time period. Following this period the chairman may be elected as member of the Board of Directors.
  10. When a member of the Board of Directors leaves before the 2 years time, the Board of Directors has the right to replace the leaving member with a candidate of their choice until the end of the 2 year term.
  11. Any Director can be dismissed at any time by a resolution of the Full members taken by a majority of not less than two thirds of the votes cast.
  12. Any Director can be suspended at any time by a joint resolution of the other Directors. A suspension that is not followed within three months by a decision to dismiss the Director shall terminate on expiry of this period.
  13. The first Board of Directors shall be nominated in this deed.

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